Purchase license

All photos on this website are available for personal or commercial uses.

          Personal-use licenses coasts $20 USD and include using the image for:

  • at-home printing;
  • computer desktop displays (wallpapers);
  • wedding announcements or greeting cards;
  • school/university projects;
  • other non-commercial use.

         Commercial use of images is based on Royalty-free license. It means that purchased images can be used by you multiple times for multiple commercial projects without incurring additional fees. But remember – You can’t resale images. Royalty-free licenses are always non-exclusive, however You can buy exclusive rights on any photos. It’s a subject to discuss.

Commercial-use license’s fee is based on the file resolution. You can order:

  • web resolution image (usually 800 x 533 or 900 x 600 pixels size) – $20 USD;
  • full-size images (usually 5628 x 3746 or 5628 x 2814) – $50 USD.

All files are delivered via email as high-quality JPEGs and sRGB color space. But also You can order 8 or 16-bit tiff file. Your orders will be executed usually in 24 hours or less.


Licensing fees can be paid by credit card via PayPal or Scrill/Moneybookers. Using different types of money transferring (such as Western Union, Privatemoney etc.) are also available.


Please be aware  that all licensing sales are final and no refunds are available after digital images are delivered and payment is received.


          License images request

To license images please email me through contact form providing the following information:

  • Your name and active email address (please, be careful writing email address!);
  • image title (e.g. RIGA-04.jpg – Night Riga cityscape. Latvia);
  • type of license You need (personal use or commercial use by Royalty-free license);
  • specify file size (e.g. 800 x 533, 900 x 600 or full-size image);
  • purpose of use.

If You have any question, please feel free to contact me.